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Harp Lessons


Jane McCabe is our highly experienced piano teacher in the Simply Music program who also teaches her other love; the Harp. She has been playing the Harp for eight years and is now offering lessons at Player 1 Music School in addition to piano lessons.

As a beginner, the Harp is a forgiving instrument, running your fingers over the strings creates heavenly music!  Even basic songs like "Twinkle, Twinkle" sound wonderful!

Learning the Harp is a beautiful and joyful experience and although playing piano is not a prerequisite - if you do know some piano you will pick up the Harp very easily as you are already used to reading the two clefs and playing something different with each hand. 

Of course, as with learning any musical instrument, you need to practice! You will need to know how to read music, and if you can't - Jane can start from the basics and teach you! 

Player 1 offers individual and group lessons. Harps are available for hire or purchase!

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