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4-6 Year Olds (Play a Story)

Play a Story is designed to creatively engage young children and get them started on their musical journey, using the piano as their introduction.

Travelling through a storybook world, children learn to listen, feel and literally "play the story" across the whole piano, while it is being read. 

The musical dress up corner..

What would the music sound like if it was the wind in the forest, or a shell tossed around the ocean?  

In the world of Play a Story, every imaginative thought, every emotion is an opportunity for students to express themselves in the language of music.

The vocabulary of their new language comes in the form of simple piano motifs - short musical phrases or ideas.  The motif incorporates melody, harmony and rhythm.  How the motif is played (using dynamics and octave placement) describes what is happening in the story.  

Students are learning key theoretical concepts, forming a solid playing foundation for their journey forward.

Student Home Materials

There are three levels that make up this program: Song of the Zephyr-Wind, Ocean Lullaby and Travel Notes.  Student Home Materials support students at home, a little like taking a teacher home each week.  They include beautiful print, audio and video components.  More than just accessories, these materials provide the environment in which your child explores musical stories each day. 

Click here to find out more about the program and watch the Parent Introductory Video.

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